What About NESG?

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The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) was incorporated in 1996, as an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation.


“To become Nigeria’s leading private sector think-tank committed to the development of a modern globally competitive economy”


“The NESG has a mandate to promote and champion the reform of the Nigerian economy into an open, globally competitive economy”

Our Story

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In 1993, a group of passionate and concerned private sector leaders representing key economic sectors conceived the Nigerian Economic Summit (NES) and sustained it as a platform for bringing together private sector leaders and senior public sector officials to discuss and dialogue on the future of the Nigerian Economy. Three years later, in 1996, the NESG was established and incorporated as a non profit, non partisan private sector organization with a mandate to promote and champion the reform of the Nigerian economy into an open, private sector-led globally competitive economy. Over the years, it has emerged as the most important platform for public-private dialogue in Nigeria. During this period, the organization has accomplished a great deal in terms of research outputs and implementation of programmes, seminars, conferences and workshops aimed at facilitating the formulation and implementation of social and economic reform programmes for the growth and transformation of the Nigerian economy. In addition, the organization has established an excellent working relationship with the Government of Nigeria, public sector, private sector and other stakeholders. The flagship of the group’s advocacy efforts has been the annual Nigerian Economic Summit (NES), which provides Government and private sector an opportunity to review the progress made in our economic reform effort and agree practical ways to manage issues which may have constrained effective policy implementation


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The NESG is dedicated to achieving sustainable economic development in the national interest through responsible private sector initiatives. We aim to help create an enabling environment conducive to good governance, responsible private investments and sustainable economic growth in Nigeria.; Our overarching objective is to forge a mutual understanding between leaders of thought from private and public sectors so as to discover, explore and support initiatives directed at improving Nigeria's economic policies, its institutions and competitive business climate

We dialogue, We Intervene, We Connect, and We Shape Policies...

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The NESG shapes policy by conducting robust research and analysis on economic and critical reform issues. Over the years, we have been instituting policy changes in Nigeria through independent research. We deliver value to our members through policy fora. Our convening power provides networking opportunities for our members to meet with business leaders and policy makers.
The NESG is a convener of public-private dialogue. We engage government, private sector, and civil society on key development issues and economic policies in Nigeria. Since its establishment, the NESG has been able to shape policies through its annual economic summit and other high level events. Our advocacies are evidence-based.

Our Achievements

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The Group has indeed tried to deliver its mandate. Over the years, the NESG has been strategically involved in stimulating economic policy discourse in Nigeria. The Group has worked harmoniously with the Nigeria’s development program and it is in the forefront of actual implementation of the country’s development programme through its advocacy and monitoring activities.


The NESG’s advocacy and research emphases are increasingly focused on how to implement policy reforms fashioned after consensus has been built and how to measure and track performance using agreed benchmarks and milestones. Due to its approach, the NESG has successfully lodged the advocacy voice into mainstream of policy formulation in Nigeria. Its advocacy voice clearly has an imprint in the formulation of the NEEDS (National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy) document, Vision 2010 and Vision 2020:20. The government has clearly demonstrated its acceptance of and commitment to the advocacy submissions of the NESG.


The NES, organized by the NESG has successfully marketed the need for coherent blue print for the country’s socio-economic development. As a forum for public-private sector dialogue, the NES contributes to the development and progress of Nigeria, especially in the area of national economic management. The NESG has sustained the NES process and has endeavoured to keep its focus on the direction of economic policies, by giving priority to long term interest in the context of good governance, credible institutions, accountability and ethical practices, attractive climate for private investments, evidence-based research and mediating open dialogues.